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What is Allbridge(ABR)?

Allbridge is a next generation bridge built modularly from the ground up to be able to add new chains and tokens quickly, and be able to transfer tokens between any of the supported chains. It has onchain consensus to validate all bridging transactions across all the chains. Token holders who stake and validate will earn a large percentage of the bridging fees.

It currently bridges between ETH, Solana, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Celo, HECO, and Terra is coming up. It is still in the very early days and projects are lining up to be added to the bridge and currently bridging more chains than any other. Allbridge team was the first to ever bridge between a number of chains, like Solana/BSC and Solana/Polygon. They are breaking barriers and becoming the leader in bridging between chains to make transferring across the crypto sphere MUCH easier for users.

The benefits of holding $ABR are immense. Token holders who stake on and validate the bridge will be able to earn 80% of all bridge fees between all chains and tokens bridged.

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