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What is Adshares(ADS)?

Adshares is the first web3 marketing protocol with $ADS settlements. It's the most advanced blockchain-based project in the $646 billion ad industry. Starting in 2017, the team delivered a working product that is now highly scalable.

Adshares is also a monetization solution for Metaverse and NFT. The Adserver platform allows users to rent space inside Metaverses, blockchain games, NFT exhibitions and websites. It allows anyone to interact with the digital world in an automated way using on-chain payments. Adshares is an umbrella project, maintaining a decentralized network. The idea behind the ADS protocol is to give the network to the community with DAO-style governance. In Adshares, anyone can make their own Adserver by implementing open-source blockchain tools in more and more areas. The project has completed a 4-year roadmap, now boldly heading to 2025 milestones. There are long-term decentralization believers on the team. This breakthrough concept allows $ADS holders to take profit from monetization of the protocol. Adshares provides monetization opportunities for publishers. Crypto projects can advertise using a 100% decentralized marketplace.

Coin is deflationary due to the native burning and dividend mechanisms.

$ADS has its own ultra-fast dPoS blockchain, being also cross-chain to Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.

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