Aidi Finance

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What is Aidi Finance(AIDI)?

Aidi Inu (AIDI)

The first ERC-20 token of Aidiverse, with Automated Rewards Farming (ARF) technology. AIDI is an experimental token implemented purely for community building. Nicknamed, "AIDI - The Crypto SuperDoge". Total supply: 100 Quadrillion.

Access the liquidity of the entire crypto market on AIDI’s own swapping platform. Aidi Exchange will have $AIDI as the base token for our swap exchange. Thus $AIDI will enable seamless swapping between every token in Aidiverse.

Aidicraft (NFT)
Aidicraft is an NFT marketplace where users could easily trade and invest in crypto assets made by artists from the Aidi community. This platform aims to bring artists and art lovers under one roof. Aidicraft will automatically reward NFT creators.

*Aidicraft Base Token
This unnamed token will be the governance token in Aidicraft. Tokenomics of this token will be revealed one week before the release of Aidicraft. We are currently reviewing features and enhancements that will best suit this token. Total supply: 5 Million.

AidiplayFi platform implements DeFi integration with gaming. Its entertainment clubbed with the investment opportunity. We plan to support in-house games in V1 and our ultimate goal will be to integrate 3rd party games.

Aidiarena is an app where Aidi holders could track their Aidi holdings, view statistics of Aidi tokens, get "AIDI:USD" portfolio value calculations and get real-time important notifications from the Aidi core and management team.

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