What is Alteration(ALTR)?

Alteration is a next-gen, play-to-earn NFT game, that transports players into the large and unique world of Alterra. This game implements elements of turn-based combat and RPGs with a twist of Nordic mythology. Additionally, Alteration is a fast-paced strategic style game with a breathtaking hand-drawn world with many factors that play into the potential outcome.
Alteration is a 2.5D game, meaning it combines the best of both worlds (3D and 2D) to create a stylish and immersive experience.

Players will be placed in a futuristic cyberpunk world, where players can explore multiple environments and storylines. Players will also have access to a PvP combat system implemented on the official launch of the full game. Alteration has a whole array of NFTs players can use to gain an advantage in the world of PVP battles which have high stakes and high rewards.

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