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What is ARSON(ARSN)?

A next generation ultra-deflationary self-stabilizing token. Why BuyBack when you can BurnBackā„¢? $ARSN burns liberally at every trade and market cap milestones. To burn is to earn. Forever. ARSON uses an unprecedented 5% BurnBackā„¢ tax and injects an impressive 6% into the Liquidity Pool. With every trade, the circulating supply is heavily reduced and LP is given a boost. Our signature bonus burns? Five bags holding 2% of the circulating supply are burnt at key market capitalization milestones to reward holders further. Whales, bad actors and system gamers too often destroy great tokens. The simple, gimmick-free way to ensure a smoother ride on BSC is simply to ADD VALUE TO THE TOKEN by dramatically reducing its circulating supply when everyone transacts and boost the liquidity dramatically. Then, reward all holders for achieving certain market capitalizations to further strengthen their holdings. It really is that simple.

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