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What is AusMiningToken(AUSMT)?

AUSMT Will be building Australia's very first 100% renewable energy mining farm helping provide secure hash power to the crypto community with 40% of all transactions produced by AUSMT farm being distributed back to AUSMT holders daily. AUSMT has multiple ways to bring profits to token holders just by holding your token you will receive a 6% reflections and 2% to liquidity every time a buy/sell transaction occurs. Plus 40% of the daily AUSMT farm profits produced will be used to rebuy AMT off exchanges and then burnt . Liquidity is locked for minimum 4 years. marketing will be paid through AUSMT farm please see reward rates on our website for full% breakdown Please before investing take the time to come chat with us on telegram we can also share snapchat we will be enabling video calls through snapchat we will try our best to get 1 on 1 video calls with all presale members before investing

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