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What is BeatBind(BBND)?

What Is Beatbind?
Beatbind is a platform for music event organization. It aims to digitalize and streamline the music organization process and connect venue owners, performers, and fans. Its platform consists of four main pillars:

• BeatBidder is a platform that allows venues, DJs, artists, and other parties involved in the music event organization process to connect. Venues will be able to bid for DJs that fit their needs while DJs can maximize their revenue and boost their portfolio.
• BeatBuy is the ticketing platform where tickets for any event created on BeatBind will be offered. Ticket forgery and scalping are prevented by fans purchasing their tickets directly from the source. Venues will also be able to pre-sell tickets and crowdfund events in this way.
• BeatX is a mobile app that keeps fans engaged with the Beatbind ecosystem. Fans will be able to follow news about upcoming events or ticket sales, vote for songs before and during a concert they would like to hear, and connect with other fans on the app.
• BeatAI is the algorithm that provides venues with revenue estimations, attendance numbers, and an assessment of overall marketing efficiency.

Beatbind is planning to release its public beta in Q4 2021 and onboard early adopters at the beginning of 2022.

Who Are the Founders of Beatbind?
Beatbind was founded by Bosko “Robert” Gasic, a seasoned financial industry executive with 25+ years of experience in equity investments, trading platforms, start-up advisory, seed-stage investments, and more than ten years working for Wall Street-based investment firms. Alongside him are co-founder and COO Dale Baeten, a former registered broker and sales specialist, and CTO Akash Syed, a Solutions-orientated IT software director with more than 12 years of experience in working on complex software development infrastructures.

In total, the team consists of six core members, and five advisors.

What Makes Beatbind Unique?
Beatbind is the first blockchain-based project aiming to overhaul the music event organization process. It addresses a market plagued by inefficiencies and middlemen that sorely lacks data and fan-oriented engagement. Beatbind can work equally well for live music events in nightlife, concerts, or even private events like parties or weddings.

The project plans to generate revenue by incurring a fee on all transactions on BeatBidder, such as artist performances, event organization, venue leasing, and fees from ticket sales of events. Moreover, additional potential revenue streams include promotional fees, subscription models for app features, and advertising fees on the platform and the app.
How Many BeatBind (BBND) Coins Are There in Circulation?
The total supply of BBND is 1 billion tokens. 150 million of that is circulating supply, with 850 million locked up for six months with a 10% leak-out provision in that period if the BBND utility token trades at $0.40 or more for a period of at least five full trading days.

The project tokenomics are as follows:

• 50% are reserved for the IEO according to the following distribution: 35% for marketing, 30% for development, 10% for partnerships, 10% for research, 7% for legal, and 8% for general expenses.
• 20% is reserved for the BeatBind platform, presumably as liquidity incentives.
• 15% go to the core team.
• 5% for early adopter bonuses.
• 5% for crowdsale bounties.
• 5% for advisors.

How Is the BeatBind Network Secured?
BBND is an ERC20-token on the Ethereum blockchain. It is designed as a utility token and medium of exchange for all transactions on the platform. BeatBind plans to use its custom BeatBidder Engine, a bidding engine for open English auctions especially designed for the needs of the music events ecosystem to guarantee fast transactions.

ERC-20 is a token standard most new tokens follow when publishing on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is one of the most popular blockchains and the go-to solution for DAOs like AladdinDAO. It is secured by a proof-of-work consensus mechanism that requires miners to mine new Ether. A set of decentralized nodes validates transactions and secures the Ethereum blockchain.

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