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What is the MOONFUEL Protocol? • A decentralized high-yield reward staking application (DAPP) which enables our token holders the ability to invest into the most secure and contractually guaranteed highest rates available. BLAZAR, the Native Token to our MOONFUEL Protocol, is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network, designed to enable investors to save and supplement for their retirement. In addition to the traditional purchasing of the token on a trading exchange, BLAZAR, will integrate an application programming interface (API) that enables payroll deduction and recurring purchases via a clearing house beginning the summer of 2022. BLAZAR and MOONFUEL Protocol will ensure the growth of the token with guaranteed weekly purchases regardless of the outside market conditions. Moonfuel Protocol enables you to stake LP Tokens, earning additional BLAZAR tokens as an award. The liquidity funds in our vault will be used to invest into various start-up DeFi project pools via yield farming. The yield earned by these investments is then redistributed to the liquidity vault, resulting in a token price increase. Our goal is to bring users long-term stability, growth, and benefits with BLAZAR Token, while also producing one of the top yield farms in existence.


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