The BUSDLOVE was designed for all those like me who love the BUSD, the stable corner allows to sleep in peace while the pump and dump of the bsc follow their course.
The BUSDLOVE was not created to disappear in two weeks, but to allow people to invest a time before emerging from the charts much later by taking advantage of a reflection in stable, allowing the eternal fearful of bearmarket to catch up slightly permabull when those will come late paid the taxes of my token or they will be purified at the arrival of the winter.
Enough to talk, I will readjust the taxes as we go along to lessen the weight of the team on the tokenomics when the token will take value.
Also, I will add little by little things, like the website, the whitepapers, differents listing, but we will take our time between all of them to allow speculation, it is important not to attract too many whales and look a bit like a scam at the start, because then no one will take the risk of investing too much and therefore, kill the independence of the chart.
The first days the tax will be so high that it will make this token look like a good sticky honeypot, I would reduce it every day linearly until we reach the limit that will probably be set by a vote on the telegram within reason (the tax must remain sufficient, to make the LP run)
I believe that something like 6% of reflection when everything is in place before renouncing the contract would be relevant.
Be careful, despite all my good will, nobody is master of the market, and worse: of the bugs.


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