Brothers wine

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Brothers wine
BSC Contract Address: 0x4D18f01C2E92CAf08E1bdBfDaA3437d6C715c68b
Watchlists 10 x
Status new
Votes for listing 27/500
All time votes 27
Votes today: 6
Brother Wine returns the world to a perfect and true dream. Let time prove everything. The greatest power to change the world is to change the choice of brothers. The only constant truth in the world is that everything will change. The power that the universe gives mankind to choose is to realize our brothers. We dream of the greatest power.

Target: 1ANHEM(Brothers wine)>=100USD
The actual transaction price of a bottle of brother wine in the market is
about 500US dollars...
In the internal shareholders and agent customers of the Global brother wine Company held tokens for purchase transactions in the previous period

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