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What is Moonpoly(CMP)?

Monopoly meets Blockchain! MOONPOLY! First-economical decentralized and strategic online-board game for 2-6 Players includes many modern and hot trends such as NFT, Marketplace, Play, Collect, Create & Earn.

Join our DxSale on September 15, 2021, and win an Exclusive NFT playable Figure!

Total Supply - 500 000 000 000

Pre sale & Liquidity Pool = 67%
PancakeSwap Liquidity 70%
DxSale Fees & Burns = 2%
Airdrop = 4% (Unlock and distribution 2 days after pre-sale ends)
Game Rewards = 16% (Locked until January 2022)

Locked For 18 MONTHS
Development Vault = 4% (Locked for 18 months (monthly partial unlock))
Marketing Vault = 7% (Monthly unlock for 8 months)
Locked For 18 MONTHS

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