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What is Terra-Credit(CREDIT)?

Credit is a Cryptocurrency that aims to be a premier decentralized digital payment solution to the world's unbanked adult population.
Terra designed TerraCredit (CREDIT) to offer free and fast blockchain-based payments.
Credit employs the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. This approach allows any user to become a block producer. Block producers support the network and receive rewards in the form of new coins for doing so. This function replaces traditional mining that is expensive and complicated.

The TerraCredit DAO’s vision is to see Credit become the leading cryptocurrency in the digital-economy. One that is functional, widely used, driven by its users, and adapting to their needs.

We see Credit as a viable replacement to cash and a rewarding option that is attractive to new users. We hope that Credit will be a tool of change in the lives of its users, allowing them access to a new financial system that is better than any option available today.

Our vision extends beyond this Golden age of humanity and thousands of years into the future. We expect that the Credit Blockchain will outlive all of its current users. The platform's design can benefit generations to come.

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