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What is Investment Token(DINT)?

The DINT Project was developed to bridge the fiat and cryptocurrency market through an ecosystem of crypto investment tools designed to reward holders of the DINT Investment Token used to support our flagship fintech solution.

Our vision is to provide investors and project developers a suite of high-quality tools to support their goals in cryptocurrency. Our suite includes a decentralized swap exchange, a staking and farming dapp, a proprietary baking dapp, a crypto faucet and our fintech solution, the DINT Transaction App.

The DINT Transaction App is our on-block financial transaction tool, built on the Corda network and designed with safety, efficiency and privacy at its core. The app is scheduled for multiple deployments beginning with a fiat-only deployment and ending with our crypto-fiat bridge deployment.

Launching very soon

Our Defi Dapp for Swap, Pool, Staking and Farming. Additionally we are developing our own DeFi feature called baking.

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