What is DogeCakeMoon(X2)?


Auto-rewards CAKE in a massive 10% on every transaction!
Holders will love the CAKE rewards our contract offers in order to stabilise the price, those rewards can increase, a nice push in the back for our holders! What a gift for all cake lovers!

We aim to sit our ass and yours on the moon with our experienced team of marketing!

Key points:

Name: DogeCakeMoon
Symbol: DCM
Total Supply:
BCS V2 Link TBD | 16%+ slippage
Contract Address: TBD in Pre-Sale

Transaction Fee (15%)

10% in CAKE rewards
3% to marketing wallet
2% goes to liquidity pool

Presale: 50/100 BNB LC/HC with 100 wallets whitelisted through a SweepWidget contest. (TBA soon)

Enjoy the amazing tokenomics that reward our early shillers and diamond hand holders.
Also we have an anti-whale wallet measures, DogeCakeMoon aims to massively rewards its holders whilst coordinating a heavy marketing push to keep us shooting to the moon

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