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What is ForeverGrow(FGROW)?

ForeverGrow Just Entered the Real World


ForeverGrow works on an autonomous frictionless yield farming and liquidity generation protocol.
Hold $FGROW tokens in your wallet and earn passive income in BUSD!
We are here to build utilities and stay in the long run. Liquidity will be autoburned

The unique thing about the $FGrow token is that you don't get the reflection in BUSD only, but in ForeverBNB and ForeverETH tokens as well, which reward their holders in BUSD & ETH too.

Additionally, ForeverGrow is built with utilities in mind; it has an integrated meta transaction feature that will allow performing gasless transactions, which means you will not need to spend BNB to execute transactions on the blockchain.

We are also developing an Application Programming Interface for developers to integrate ForeverGrow as a payment gateway easily.

We also partnered with an innovative digital menu, which will include our token as a payment option. Imagine going to a restaurant and paying for a meal using yesterday's reflections!

Modular structure enabling easy implementation for different softwares
Advanced payment and processing technologies, fine-tuned from more than 3 years of development testing
Unified AppStore for retail cryptocurrency solutions with a Crypterium products audience

The best paying rewards token!
A 2% strategic buyback fee funds it. 2% of tokens are collected from every transaction, and then converted to BNB, and stored in Our contract.

The wallet is known as BuyBack Wallet, which, when enabled, purchases $FGrow directly from exchanges and removes the purchased tokens permanently from circulating supply while simultaneously making green candles on the price chart.
At the same time, 4% of every transaction is transferred into the liquidity pool for Pancakeswap. It's automatic and helps create a price floor (stability).
1% is stored in Gas Wallet, which will be used for gasless transactions.

$FGROW is a deflationary token designed to become more scarce over time. All holders of $FGROW will earn a 10% reward from every Buy/Sell Transaction in Binance pegged BUSD, which are automatically sent to your wallet by simply holding $FGROW in your wallet.

$FGROW holders will receive the following rewards: 10% in BUSD

The great utility is also on the way. We are building an application programming interface for developers to create wallets with gasless transactions.

Furthermore, we are integrating $FGROW into a digital menu, the first digital menu on the planet with crypto transactions

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