PolyGoon Finance

Polygon Smart Chain : 0x50D74B93b2D970A2d727A43F490742051d93401B

What is PolyGoon Finance(GOON)?

️Intelligent AMM. Vested Rewards. Family Protects Family.️

On track to provide the first synthetic assets on Polygon

Farming currently live

Community focused. Our goal is to create a synergy between the projects that are currently developing on MATIC

Total supply: 42,000,000 (42M)
Initial supply: 700,000 (700k)
Burn: 340 000 (340k):
Lock: 233 000 (233K) lock for ever:
Strategic sale: 40,000 (40K)
Airdrop: 20,000 (20K)
Emission rate: Starts with 1 GOON per block, then we can adjust based on the performance of the Yield Farm (time-locked).

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