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What is Hmmm(HMMM)?

HMMM token was created by Boblles, creator of, the crypto prediction platform. Through his Cryptobobles TikTok channel he has amassed
an engaged community of over 800,000 followers.

HMMM was initially created for the sole entertainment of the and TikTok community. Due to the massive interest, community support, and desire to grow HMMM over the long term, Boblles amassed a team of volunteers to give this token true utility and long-term life by providing what it was initially designed to deliver: entertainment.

HMMM launched without any presale, ICO, or investment from outside firms.
As an entirely self-funded project, the budgets for marketing and engineering are still growing as we speak. To deliver on this vision, it is necessary to look for outside investment that believe in the vision laid forth in this document.

Please read through and let us know your thoughts. Our community continues to grow on TikTok and telegram and we look forward to hearing your input on this community project.

Metaverse x AR
This project is founded on the belief that the Metaverse is the next frontier for technology and how people communicate and interact online and in person.
The Metaverse market size was estimated at USD $47 Billion in 2020 with an
expected revenue CAGR of 43.3%.1 With growth at this expected rate, the market size will exceed $600 Billion by the end of the decade. The NFT market
experienced a near 10X gain between Q2 2021 and Q3 2021 to over $10 Billlion.

This growth isn’t a flash in the pan. As VR and AR technologies have continued to develop over the past decade, the COVID-19 pandemic and growing distrust with megaplatforms like Facebook and Twitter has rapidly accelerated interest and investment in Metaverse technologies, particularly those that are decentralized.

Gaming is the area where these interests collide and the market is growing at an incredibly healthy rate. Per a report from Grand View Research, “The global video game market size was valued at USD 151.06 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.9% from 2020 to 2027. Technological proliferation and innovation in both hardware and software are expected to be the key factors driving the growth. The growing penetration of internet services coupled with the easy availability and access of games on the internet across the globe is also expected to keep the market growth prospects upbeat in the forthcoming years.”

From a strategic perspective, we see massive opportunity here. There are multiple metaverse gaming projects on the market already, but most are accessed through a desktop computer or, in more advanced projects, a VR headset such as the Quest 2 by Meta.

Instead of competing with these existing projects, we asked ourselves if we could envision a project that brought these interests and growing markets together in a new way, one that could connect people through emerging
technologies in the real world, exploring their own communities.

Project Description
Welcome to the AR Metaverse powered by the HMMM token.
(The final project, described below, will be named by the community)
The platform has three key elements:
- The exchange
- The AR Metaverse
- The community
The Exchange
The exchange is a website and app where users can purchase, trade, and mint their own NFTs in the form of 3D models. Once our engineering team is built out, we will determine which file types will be supported, but are expecting to explore Unity and Blender as key creator tools.
When creating a new asset, the creator indicates the HMMM token value of the NFT and its rarity in-Metaverse. Following publication, any user can see the NFT and purchase it directly on the exchange. In addition to price and rarity, the creator will have the option to show the asset “in world” if they. wish. If the
creator selects this option, the asset will be discoverable at a real-world location users must access by being physically present in the location with their
device using the AR function of the app. Real world discoveries offer users a 50% discount on the price of the asset. This discount is an essential motivator
to encourage usage of the AR functionality and exploration.
When creators upload NFTs to the exchange, rarity determines the quantity that exist in-world. For example, if a creator specifies a rarity of 10, they can select 10 real-world locations for the NFT to appear. Once a user discovers and purchases the NFT, the asset disappears from that real-world location. Once a new owner obtains the NFT, they can edit the rarity, price in HMMM, and
locations if they wish to make the asset discoverable and purchasable to other users.
Every NFT will be thoroughly moderated before they are made public on the exchange. NFTs that will be accepted will be carefully crafted 3D models, and the moderation team will decline explicit, offensive, or poor-quality

The AR Metaverse
Users will enable the camera feature on the app to explore the real world and
“see” the Metaverse and purchasable assets in real space.
This platform will be designed at the guidance of our engineering team, though we are already exploring the benefits of Lightship's Augmented Reality Developer Kit (ARDK), built by Niantic, publisher of such AR hits like Pokémon GO and Harry Potter Wizards Unite. From their documentation, “Niantic
Lightship supports hundreds of millions of users through a client platform that sets and standard for AR, using segmented semantics, mapping, and multiplayer. As part of our long term vision for Lightship ARDK, we are building
a 3D map of the world using our Visual Positioning System (VPS) and advanced tools to power a whole new type of contextual content at a global scale to meet the world where they currently are.”

The Community
The community growth and enthusiasm around HMMM is why this project exists, and it will be a major focus for us moving forward. The experience for users should be one that is socially rewarding and we will continue to grow on Telegram, as well as introducing other platforms to meet and discuss such as Discord and Reddit.
In-world events like holidays, themed weeks, and contests will be hosted to regularly engage users and encourage them to explore the AR-Metaverse in person on a regular basis. Rare and event-exclusive NFTs will be available
during these events.

HMMM token, as of November 2021:
• 79.3% - Locked for 6 months.
• 9% - Investment acquisition marketing
• 6.25% - Exchange listing funds
• 2% - Game development
• 1.5% - Marketing
• 1.25% - Increasing the liquidity pool
• 0.75% - Team

Roadmap and Future Plans
As of November 2021, this project is run entirely by volunteers. We plan to expand this pool of resources, but also attract major investment to fund a paid team of experts to help us develop and launch this project. Our immediate upcoming roadmap at a high level includes:
- Expand the liquidity pool to $100K
- Approach and pitch investors
- Create a teaser video with the concepts contained in this document
- Create the minimum viable product (MVP) alpha version of the exchange described above
- Create alpha version of the game (without geo-positioning and AR) to test fundamental architecture of the tech stack.
- Develop the beta version of the game introducing AR and non-AR exploration.
- Promotion with top influencers across key platforms

The AR Metaverse powered by the HMMM token will exist at the intersection of many of the fastest growing trends in technology and online community.
The HMMM token has a strong and growing community behind it that inspired the ideas you see here, a strong idea, solid fundamentals, and determined experts ready to create together.

If you want to contribute ideas, expertise, or have feedback, please join our Telegram at this link. We look forward to meeting you and building together.

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