Music Afrika Charity Token

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What is Music Afrika Charity Token(MACT)?

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Token that rewards the investor as it helps reach out to transform lives of disadvantaged youths in Africa creating a future through music (providing music tuitors, instruments etc)

This was started in 2018 by one visionary gentleman who passed through same life, as a way of giving back to community with aim of helping disadvantaged youths throughout Africa
The team consists of experienced members from Europe & Africa.

•Partnerships with diplomats & over 4 NGOs charities and orphanages in Africa already and expanding.

Source Of Funds?
• Busking
• Musical gigs/concerts
• Well wishers/one time sponsors
• Fundraising projects ( ie. selling artwork and crafts)


Legit Project on road to Billions Market cap
° Designed to succeed with price increase due to high buying pressure by investors, sponsors and well wishers of the project.

° Creating $MACT millionaires that will give back to community and make a better place for all

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