MegaBaby INFT

Binance Smart Chain : 0xF99a0CbEa2799f8d4b51709024454F74eD63a86D

What is MegaBaby INFT(MEGA)?

The Lead Developer created the next revolution in DEFI with the first FULLY Interactive NFT E-Pets. Totally mind-blowing! Owners will have the ability to modify and upgrade them by using MegaToken. Each evolution stage will have a percentage chance to make YOUR MegaBaby rarer and rarer creating a one of a kind collectible - sellable or trade-able on our own Interactive Marketplace. The ability to frequently care for, accessorize and upgrade the E-Pet is what makes this token the purchase of the year. Just imagine this - while having fun caring for it - you can watch your MegaBaby grow alongside your investment - ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS! I’m pretty sure many remember Tamagotchi and how revolutionary that was, there is every reason to believe that MegaBaby will be the next huge hyper trend

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