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What is MetaDogs(MetaDogs)?

Welcome to MetaDogs - All about Metavers! MetaDogs aims to develop a crypto currency project that builds up the Metaverse by bringing in MetaDogs Coin, MetaDogs NFT and MetaDogs Games. MetaDogs Coin MetaDogs Coin aims to be used as a Metaverse payment method for in-game trading and NFT trading. MetaDogs NFT MetaDogs NFT aims to create the MetaDogs NFT collections and MetaDogs NFT collaborations with beloved DOG coin projects. MetaDogs Coin and MetaDogs NFT holders will have all the benefits coming from holding and contributing to the project. MetaDogs Games MetaDogs Games aims to bring more Metafun to those who just love some playtime. MetaDogs DAO MetaDogs DAO aims to make MetaDogs Coin and MetaDogs NFT holders contributing to the project\'s future by deciding how the trading fees and NFT sales fees are distributed Tokenomics 10% on every transaction (may change based on community votes) 4% Marketing / Team Wallet 4% Liquidity Pool 2% Holders OpenSea NFT Collection - 10.000 NFTs At launch - BIG NFTs giveaway 5% of NFTs sales goes to Buyback & Burn 10% goes towards Marketing

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