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What is Momento(MOMENTO)?

A DEFI+NFT project that aims to portray some of the most iconic and fascinating moments of the past decade that helps you to earn through the NFTs you buy.
We have 2 broad categories of NFTs:
a. General Category - Where we depict some of the most talked about moments of the past decade
b. Cryptocurrencies - Where we depict the journey of some of the most prominent and upcoming cryptocurrencies.

Through our NFTs, people will be able to earn through multiple forms.

a. There is a 3% redistribution per transaction. So you earn just by holding.
b. You can stake the NFTs you own with just a couple of clicks and start earning staking rewards
c. The subsequent NFT sales get redistributed to the initial holders so more income from just holding the NFTs.

There is a 10% tax per buy/sell:

3% - Liquidity (Increased the price floor over time)
3% - Redistributed to holders (Passive income)
4% - Buyback and burn (Anti-dump measure)

Getting featured on Burj Khalifa in October

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