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What is MyCryptoCity(MYCTY)?

MyCryptoCity is a simulation game that rewards players using the Solana network. The player makes his own decisions by performing many actions and actions from the management panel. The player develops himself by trying to make the best use of many options such as recruitment, resource use, agreements, city management. He receives the MYCTY token as a reward.

Welcome to MyCryptoCity! Play and relive the exciting history of the mafia and businessmen, stand up to be the biggest boss ever! Face exciting challenges to earn as much money as possible. Expand your "business", manage and grow your mafia organization and become almighty and rich. Build an empire, control and manage your businesses and earn tons of Idle Cash. Even when offline!

Expand your mafia organization and automate your business activities.
Keep earning Idle MYCTY coins even when you are not playing.Invest in new, lucrative criminal businesses to increase your income.
Hire managers and streamline operations to maximize your profits.
Take control of increasingly profitable businesses
Compete with your opponents for the grand prize in the ranking.
Actively participate in online reward missions, new bosses, boss of the month, monthly world recruitment event, boss boot camp, push notifications.Start from scratch and use your ability to manage the whole city step by step
Unique underground emperor ranking system allows you to complete certain upgrade requirements and consume related resources to increase your emperor rank
Start now and become the Boss of Bosses.

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