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NekoGirl (猫⽿, NekoGirl) envisions the success of all
investors involved, and the community will achieve this
milestone as a whole. With the growth of the entire
cryptospace, there are large groups of newly
joining/invited investors that are less exposed to the
information and knowledge that come into play with
investing into DeFi (decentralized finance). NekoGirl is
going to change this.
NekoGirl was tokenized with the sole purpose of being a
hub for safe investing. Providing correct and punctual
information will lead to investors being offered the helping
hand needed to understand
the risks of investing in the cryptospace. In order to make
sure all investors are given the opportunity for the greatest
wealth transfer humanity has seen to date-- NekoGirl is
here to develop cute tools to make safe decisions a little
more simple.


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