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What is Niyukt(NKTN)?

Niyukt (NKTN) APP
ï‚¢ Is a platform where all kinds of appointments of all fields can be
booked easily?
It’s a innovation from we have come out from our company
ï‚¢ This APP Will be working In Android as well as IOS version
ï‚¢ Android Version would be started by within the second quarter 2021.
ï‚¢ IOS version would be out by Third quarter 2021.
ï‚¢ Vendors from various fields can register here for free of cost
ï‚¢ Doctors (All Experts)
ï‚¢ Engineers
ï‚¢ Ayurveda Treatment providers
ï‚¢ Lawyers
ï‚¢ Astrologers
ï‚¢ Beauticians
ï‚¢ Business Expert Service providers
 Different field Service providers…and so on
ï‚¢ There are many examples, any field for that matter, which common man would not
know but may be in search of it, but did not know how and where and where to find
as it was not easy for them.
ï‚¢ In NIYUKT (NKTN) by blocking their slots in a particular area/field on their
comfortable day and time these slots will be made available for bookings provided by
the vendors.

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