Onlyone Finance

Binance Smart Chain : 0xb899dB682e6D6164D885ff67C1e676141deaaA40

What is Onlyone Finance(ONLYONE)?

Onlyone Finance is a BEP-20 protocol utility token for the Onlyone Casino. Our team is currently developing the casino, an open-source casino where users will be able to bet ONLYONE, BUSD and BNB tokens.

On June 5th, 2021, the ONLYONE token was launched on the Binance Smart Chain. Initially 50% of the total token supply was burned . The other 50% of the token supply was sent to the Pancake Swap liquidity pool . Then we took another drastic step and burned the liquidity pool (LP) tokens to guarantee liquidity forever.

Onlyone Finance is the first of its kind in the trending crypto universe. The platform will incorporate the crypto community allowing them to participate in Casino Action like never before. Investors, now acting as the house, will not only be able to gamble using cryptocurrencies, but will receive a percentage of the House winnings. The House Advantage now belongs to the community.

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