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What is

➢ is a community driven ecosystem derived
from the Binance Smart Chain whose main purpose is to
make donations, reward its holders and entertain them
with interesting Apps.

➢ provides an automatic donation system and
keeps track of where all donations go.

➢ The team are constantly building
applications to empower the use of their token and build a
consistent long-term ecosystem and ensure continued

Additional information, other links and addresses
Launched dapps:

1. (Anti-scam platform for promoters and crypto-projects on the blockchain)

2. GoldenCake (APP that allows you to earn CAKE every two hours just for being a OROS holder)

3. GoldenAda (APP that allows you to earn ADA every two hours just for being a holder of OROS)

NOTE: You can earn CAKE and ADA simultaneously

4. The Wheel OROS (APP to play automatic roulette of fortune against real OROS users and thus be able to win more and more OROS )

5. There are more Apps on the way (see roadmap)
6. Listing on the exchange on August 21

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