Poly Gems Token

Polygon Smart Chain : 0x69e19b6d1bf52042b6434ad89db66b7d39d8cd5d

What is Poly Gems Token(PGT)?

Poly Gems Token was created from the vision of the developers, who designed the site for huge marketing on the polygon network.
Our vision is to expand awareness of the polygon network, as it is currently not as prevalent as ETH and BSC.
We want to make it easier for people to advertise their projects and together we can succeed and be a leader in the field of marketing on the Polygon network.

​Transaction fee 8%

4% going to liquidity
4% for holders

Promotion funds:

50% of transaction will be spend for marketing of PGT
50% of transactions will be spend for buy back PGT and will be burned

So every promotion of any token on our website will be push up for PGT

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