Power To The People

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What is Power To The People(POWW)?

Have you ever wished to be on a platform geared towards advancement of Humanity? Good news to all crypto enthusiasts, A whale proof democratized Community is here to do just that! PTTP ‘’Power to the People’’ is a crypto project geared towards the betterment of the society worldwide.
PTTP, like the popular maxim, has shown with its features that the power of the community lies in the hands of all holders and users of the Community. Truly, power emanates from the people.

PTTP brings to the crypto world a unique dimension that would shape our world in the coming years.The project seeks to embark on developmental projects identified by community users and funding it through the PTTP token $POWW. This token is the key to ensuring the goals set by the platforms are met. By transacting using this token, you have also contributed to development as 2% of the transaction goes to a charity wallet.

Features of $POWW
Check out this amazing rug proof tokenomics $POWW runs on.
•Supply — 1 quadrillion
•Decimal — 9
•Tax 10%:
• Liquidity — 6%
• Redistribution — 2%
Charity wallet — 2%

This is great right? Check this out! The Power To The People community has an anti-whale feature that would prevent big players or members who hold a large amount of $POWW from compromising the token’s liquidity when attempting to remove their funds. The uniqueness of this project is in the fact that every user/member or transaction made is contributing to the betterment of humanity. Every community User is an agent of positive change needed in the world.

Reasons to join the project:
The power lies with the people. In our roadmap, we plan to have the community stake their tokens to have the power to vote towards which charity or organization to send our donations to.
The incentive of staking our token are airdrops for NFTs.
Charities will have the ability to create their very own fan token through PTTP

• You earn Passive income as 2% of the fees generated on the PTTP Ecosystem goes back to holders through goodwill tax.

You get to join a platform that affects real change in the world.
You may be asking yourself, “Why did PTTP decide on creating a BEP20 token rather than on the Etherium blockchain?”

Well, that’s quite a simple question to answer…
We all are aware of how much gas (Guai) prices are in on Uniswap. Therefore, the team had unanimously decided, for the best interest of the community, to save on gas fees in order to gain more tokens on PancakeSwap!

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