Secure Coin Listing Token

Binance Smart Chain : 0x832e655651b0C84C48B63a0Ad74cB0cAd8Bf87bC

What is Secure Coin Listing Token(SCLT)?

Due to the rise in unsecure investments and scams in the blockchain industry and the lack of regulation and protection for investors we have decided to create the first and only coin listing site and launchpad that requires a full KYC from all token creators or the Token contract and deployment must be written by our team.

Our mission is to Create a safe environment for investors where listed tokens include a full disclosure on purchase and sales taxes, one year or more liquidity lock, Audited contract, trading chart and links to social platforms for each token.

For token creators: Providing smart contract deployment, liquidity locking and marketing on the platform. Attractive marketing to source investors looking for transparency for the entire platform and individual marketing on the platform.

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