Shar Pei

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What is Shar Pei(SHARPEI)?


Shar Pei initially is a Chinese breed of large muscular dogs having a distinctive wrinkly skin. So, there is no better breed to change the meaning of meme tokens in the coming years.

From the beginning Shar Pei has done things differently. The team behind Shar Pei has a long-term vision and no interest in making money. Starting with a supply of 100B SHARPEI, 50% is already locked for 5 years. Proof of lock can be found here.

The remaining 50% of the SHARPEI is locked on PancakeSwap in both the BUSD and BNB pair. Which means that Shar Pei is a fair launch without any seed, private or public sale.

Initial Circulating Supply: 50B SHARPEI
Tokens locked: 50B SHARPEI for 5 years.
✅ Team: 0%
✅ Founders: 0%
✅ Community: 100%
✅ Listing Coingecko & CoinMarketCap
Low MC
Most safe and secure Meme coin out there
Audited by Solidity Finance

⚖️ No seed sale, no private sale, no public sale! Fair launch for everyone.

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