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What is SolPay(SOLPAY)?

Hi everyone,
today is the start of our new Solana Token.

With SolPay we will change the way you transfer money. And create a low fee DeFi infrastructure.

SolPay is envisioned to be a DeFi project with a whole array of staking/farming options.

Built on Solana with its lightning-quick transactions and low gas fees, SolPay
makes DeFi experience completely effortless.

SolPay utilizes Serum's order book capabilities, gaining access to liquidity pools and trade orders.

AMM chooses between Serum's order book and a liquidity pool for the
best possible price.

SolPay native token will be used as
a reward for staking/farming features and more.

- How many tokens will be in circulation?

We will list our token on november, and as of right now, there will be 100 million tokens.

Out of those 100 million tokens, 20 millions are locked for a year(Team Tokens).

SolPay will inevitably continue emissions in order to produce rewards for our pools/farms and other

- What features are you looking to implement?

We are almost done with our trading platform which is based on Serum's GUl.

The next features include: Pools/
farms, Solum's token swap, our very own Launchpad with priority given to Solana-based projects, those are
the features which are we looking at currently.

There will be more in the future.

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