Son Of Floki

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What is Son Of Floki(SOF)?

Son Of Floki was living his best life, chilling, and was having fun until the real problem came. His Father wanted the Son to start living and earn beans on his own and stopped helping his Son.

The reaction of Son of Floki was predictable - the Son Of Floki was angry and pissed off. The same day our hero has promised himself to become a self-dependent and the bravest Son in the whole Crypto World. Son of Floki set himself a clear list of smart goals he must achieve before he becomes a well-known solid and classy friend of millions.

Then Son Of Floki decided to start his trip into a world full of interesting events and projects. He is fully ready to become one of them and to overshadow his father Floki. Of course, Son of Floki understands that the path is going to be tough, but Son of Floki also knows that with help of our community, the help of our partners and friends we are going to deal with any problem and are going to rise in to the crypto metaverse.

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