Squid Moon

Binance Smart Chain : 0x2766cc2537538ac68816b6b5a393fa978a4a8931

What is Squid Moon(SQM)?

Squid Moon is the first truly decentralized player owned Casino in the crypto space. The first game is based on the Marble Game from the Squid Moon show. Players wager their bets in BNB and if you win, you double their money. If you lose your BNB purchases SQM tokens and burns it, adding to the deflationary nature of the token. The odds of winning are better than Black Jack!

All players will be ranked in a global leaderboard. The players ranked in the top 8% on the leaderboard will receive a piece of the $250,000+ prize pool! As more players enter and play the game, the prize pool will continue to grow larger and larger.




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