Squid Game

Binance Smart Chain : 0x87230146e138d3f296a9a77e497a2a83012e9bc5

What is Squid Game(SQUID)?

The original $SQUID cryptocurrency is now community owned!

As many of you know, the Squid Game cryptocurrency was founded by scammers. They took advantage of their community, and inevidably commited a rugpull and ran off with millions. Many people were devastated. Despite this devastation, many people found a home in this previously broken community. This was inpart with the intervention of BINANCE themselves. The developers addresses were blacklisted and Binance annouced a pending investigation into the developers. Squid Game has now emerged as a decentralized cryptocurrency, with full community autonomy. The previously extinguished flame has been re-ignited as we grow each and everyday and now progress in developing a trustworthy currency with extrodinary potential.

You are protected because SQUID GAME is decentralized. In cryptocurrency, decentralized refers to the ability for people to interfere with different aspects of a project. For example: Withdrawing liquidity, manipulating distribution of $SQUID tokens, etc. No external access means, we as a community determine the future.

We are passionate, our community is passionate and despite the hardship we have had to overcome, we have stayed determined in changing Squid Game into something that will inspire others.

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