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What is TortugaCoin(TORTUGA)?

TortugaCoin is the first Lottery DeFi Pirate Coin.

Becoming a member of Tortuga allow you to take part in our egalitarian system and to have the same right and luck as the other pirates to get your part of the Tortuga Treasure.
Indeed for each transaction, 3% is reflected, 3% is burned and 1% is redistributed randomly to one holder of TortugaCoin. This is the treasure of TORTUGA. People will have access to their treasure that will be used in the NFT stacking.

We developped the new function treasure, and we can increase the number of holders winning the treasure, and also increase up to 2% the treasure fee.
2 anti-whales mechanism are also present that limit the trx to 1% of the supply and 5% max total by wallet.

The tokens and treasure owned by each holders (if they won some of it) will also be used for stacking in a way that will give you materials, to build your own NFT ship, giving the right to buy NFT ship from TortugaCoin. The NFT ships will be included in the interface of the website as a showcase of all the ships available. With that NFT ships, we aim to develop a small game stacking that will rewards TortugaCoin holders.

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