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What is VegasDoge(VEGAS)?

Vegas Doge ($VEGAS)

✅ Automatic BUSD rewards every hour

✅ Multiple winners of the $1000 Lottery everyday

✅ STAKE your $VEGAS tokens for 200%+ APY

✅ Featured on Yahoo Finance

This kind of tokenomics has never been seen before.

It creates a baseline because of staking, allows price to rise unlike other rewards coins and gives $VEGAS a serious shot at a 10 Million or more market cap!

People who stake their $VEGAS tokens become long term holders. There's a 1% staking and 1% unstaking fees and a 20% fee if you unstake early, which promotes long term holders.

A lot of long term holders means a higher base line and a price which is way above the presale price.

The presale hardcap is low, which creates huge guy pressure.

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