VPEX Exchange

Binance Smart Chain : 0x81247272074e9133cc89c37c3bcaebb49b64ebff

What is VPEX Exchange(VPX)?

The is the best secure exchange for crypto assets trading based on the blockchain with multi future technologies. This makes all operations within the exchange as transparent and high security as possible. VPEX provides people with all necessary tools for professional trading and the fastest transaction speed processing.

Our vision is to build a bankless society, where the currency is controlled by us holders and not by the powerful few.

Some special on Vpex Exchange:
• Secure – Reliable – Professional
• The more you hold, the more you gain (Holder earn 2%, Liquidity 2% from each sale VPX)
• 100% Fair for All

VPEX approach all the aforementioned markets and offer a reliable exchange solution.
VPEX is designed to become an easy-to-use exchange.

The purpose of the VPX token
VPX token (VPX) is created to be used as the main token of the VPEX exchange. VPX operates as the economic incentive to incentivize people to participate in the VPEX ecosystem.

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