WifeShiba Inu

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What is WifeShiba Inu(WIFESHIB)?

Our investors have been scammed multiple times over the years and lost quite allot of money. This is where we got the idea to develop a multimedia app/website to try to prevent this things happening.

We will develop a social media platform that will allow people to share knowledge and thoughts about BEP-20 crypto tokens. Probably everyone has already found themselves in a situation where they can’t decide whether to trust a project or not, whether it’s rug pull or not, whether it’s a honeypot or not.

We want to stop this by creating a website and a social media app so they can provide information so you don’t lose hard-earned money on scams. We plan to create subscription plans that will provide our customers with verified projects so that they can safely invest their money and not worry about getting scammed.

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