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What is Veniceum(XV)?

VENICEUM is an Avalanche modern-age blockchain fork project that aims to resolve problems associated with traditional payment processing by providing a decentralized crypto token.

VENICEUM Token believes that the underlying factor that will continue to define blockchain and defi products is the ability to give people and businesses more power and control over their finances. This is the driving force behind the creation of $XV Token, which envisions providing a payment currency to the people,where they can freely utilize their crypto assets in a fully secure, fast, and affordable online environment and also providing them with the opportunities in the form of staking rewards to earn lucrative VENICEUM 2.0 cryptocurrency earning in a seamless, risk-free environment.

VENICEUM Token, hereafter referred to as XV, is a modern-age blockchain
project that aims to resolve problems associated with traditional payment
processing by providing a decentralized crypto token i.e., $XV, and providing
Instant payment processing in a seamless, cost-effective, and efficient manner.

Deployed on Ethereum , Polygon, Avalanche & Binance Smart Chain Network, the $XV Token will work as a multi-feature STAKE payment token that allows users to transact in a seamless, risk-free, and cost-effective way. It will create a new ecosystem where all these problems associated with traditional payment
processing are addressed profoundly. The user doesn’t have to rely on central
authorities whose action may result in the system collapsing.

$XV Token is supported by its dedicated encryption-enabled $XV wallet. The
encrypted technology of these wallet would allow you to secure your $XV
Tokens, so that you can view transactions, send or receive your coins and check your account balance anytime.

Solutions And Features

State Of The Art Plugins, $XV provides dedicated plugins that can be integrated to websites of such businesses.
Sophisticated Technology, Based on a sophisticated Veniceum Network for more efficiency.
Seamless KYC & AML, Artificially Intelligent KYC and AML software that
automatically confirms and execute thousands of applications within minutes.
Safe & Secured Payment Processing, Our decentralized blockchain will ensure that no central authority can have editing or manipulating access to our network and thus all transactions are executed in a safe and secure way.
Low Transaction Fee $XV will significantly lower the service fee charged by payment processors.

2022 Q1 : Token Development, Social Media Channel, Telegram Group, Website Development, Pancakeswap FairLaunch, CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko.
2022 Q2 : Veniceum Platform Launching, Marketing Campaign.
2022 Q3 : Veniceum Testnet Launching
2022 Q4 : Veniceum Mainnet Launching, CEX listing.

Pancakeswap Fair launch when 2000 TG Members :
Token Name : Veniceum
Symbol : XV
Decimal : 8
Total Supply : 5,000,000,000 XV
Contract Address : 0x4e568126AcA8e99b372f0BA835c9D546cB14e34c
Initial Liquidity : 20 BNB
Liquidity Locked : 1 Year ( 100% )
Fair Launching : at 2,000 Members Telegram Group
DEX : Pancakeswap
Initial Price : 1 BNB = 125,000,000 XV

Tokenomics :
Team Wallet : 3 % ( vesting locked 6 months )
Development : 15 % ( vesting locked 3 months )
Marketing : 12% ( vesting locked 3 months )
Public Liquidity : 50% ( vesting locked 5 years )
Reserves : 20% ( vesting locked 1 year )

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