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What is Zeronauts(ZNS)?

Zeronauts is an ecosystem to empower sustainability in the crypto industry. At its core,
Zeronauts is a multi-chain launchpad and incubator for sustainable crypto projects.
Different to other launchpads, it is powered by a community-based token intelligence
platform. The platform incentivizes crypto enthusiasts to write high-quality token reviews by
rewarding them with the ZNS token. The crypto reviews are based on scientifically based
rating methodologies that focus on sustainability. The methodologies are transparent and
include indicators that consider long-term economic success, social justice and ecological
Based on the rating platform, Zeronauts awards tokens with a sustainability label once they
reach a certain rating. A token can only be listed on the launchpad, when it attains a Zeronauts
NFT label. The labels are created and stored as non-fungible tokens (NFT). They act as trust
symbols and technical indicators.
Independent of the launchpad, Zeronauts reviews can be requested. They motivate and
guideline admins to increase the sustainability of their tokens and give detailed information
to potential investors.
Zeronauts supports the sustainable crypto movement and brings ecological and social
responsibility to the crypto market. Moreover, Zeronauts transfers its sustainability efforts into
the world outside of crypto. A percentage of the ZNS transaction fee is used to support
sustainability projects worldwide.

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