Join the amazing community and forge weapons to fight against your enemies! Gain skill and NFT's for your in-game activity.

CryptoBlades Game Pics

What is CryptoBlades?

Developed by game development company Riveted Games, CryptoBlades is a Role-Playing Game where players battle monsters, craft unique weapons, participate in raids, and trade their items on the open marketplace!

The CryptoBlades team is currently under security audit and will be publicly releasing the results prior to any sale of tokens.

First and foremost, players and stakeholders will be the first to profit from CryptoBlades. Players will be greatly rewarded depending on their skill and consistency. The gameplay is elegantly designed to prevent bots and unfair advantages through by limiting interactions while maintaining the integrity of skill and wit. The marketplace will be used to list weapons of high and low value alike, with stronger weapons granting more SKILL token per victory. Low grade weapons can burned to increase power on valuable ones, leaving value in every item crafted.

SKILL tokens stored in the contract can only ever be accesses by players, developers have no ability to withdraw from the contract.

Tokenomics and more infos could be found on our medium page:

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